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1) To propagate promote and publicize the genuine cause of the Rohinya indigenous nationals of Arakan, Burma and work towards the realization of their national democratic rights in solidarity with the national democratic movement(s) or organization(s) of the Rohingya in Burma.
2) To deliver lectures hold cultural events and slide shows concerning the plight of the Rohingya.
3) To provide forums for Rohingya refugees to tell their stories.
4) To maintain regular update information about the Rohingyas in and outside Burma.
5) To act for the restoration of true democracy in Burma.
6) To endeavour to bring the diverse forces of Rohingya community into a unified platform so as to attain their unflagging moral and material support contributing to the wellbeing of the entire community in all spheres of life viz socio-politics, culture, economics, education, thoughts and technology.
7) To represent the Rohingya community in socio-political platforms such as meetings, forums, seminars, assemblies, conferences and conventions etc. in and outside Australia.
8) To collaborate with other organizations, which subscribe to similar objective(s) thereby to forge fraternity, harmony and unity on national and international level.
9) To look after and take care of the welfare of members of the Rohingya community
10) To uphold democracy, justice, fair-play, egalitarianism, righteousness and oppose to despotism, oppression, repression, and wrongdoing.
11) To uphold the laws of Australia in word and spirit in all its activities.
12) To develop and strengthen friendship with multicultural Australia people.

The Missions and the Goals
To work towards the realization of the national democratic rights of the Rohingyas in solidarity with national democratic movements and the organization of the Rohingyas in Burma as well as the other Burmese minority organizations who are seeking to establish the recognitions of their rights as the citizens of Burma.


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