Protest on 24th September 2017 organized by Pakistani community in Australia

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A peaceful demonstration was held on 24th of September at Townhall, Sydney, Australia was organized by Pakistani community in Australia where former Australian foreign minister and NSW premier Bob Carr along with Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon joined in the protest including other community members.

Since Friday 25 September 2017 Myanmar military force, supported by local extreme Rakhine Buddhists and the government, who are allegedly claiming to be fighting armed Rohingyan forces, have been massacring and killing innocent Rohingyan Muslims. Al-Jazeera reported on the 26th of August that the Myanmar military forces are shooting indiscriminately at innocent Rohingyan civilians, including elders, women and children.

1.  Rohingya issue is an international issue, not Myanmar's internal affairs.

2. Rohingya lives are at stake, more than 430,000 become refugees in Bangladesh, over 214 villages burnt down, more than 9000 to 10,000 Rohingya civilians killed.

3. Myanmar military not stopping, and the western world has arms trade with the military. So armed embargo is important.

5. The military has history of ethnic cleansing of Rohingya since 1978 till today.

6. The Rakhine extremists are used to burnt down houses and kill Rohingya civilians during this operations.

7. The military is using Aung San Suu Kyi as shield to avoid the international pressure or prosecution on their actions on Rohingya.

8. Aung San Suu Kyi has defended the military or not condemned the ongoing genocide against the Rohingya people during her speech.

9. Australia as regional powerhouse has important responsibility to stop the genocide and pressure Myanmar, and take an example to defend human rights, and help Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh where more than 200,000 are children and among them 14,000 children are without parents as they lost their families in the ongoing genocide in Arakan state Myanmar.

10.  Australia must put sanction on Myanmar particularly on military, and their families and cronies.

It's quite obvious that International community, UN's pressure on Myanmar government is not working as Rohingya villages are still being burnt by Myanmar military everyday in Arakan state, Myanmar. So we urge UN intervention and to exercise UN's R2P urgently in Arakan state and Rohingya people who became refugees in Bangladesh are in terrible situation and humanitarian cricis right now especially in Shaparirdwip, Teknaf, Bangladesh.

Therefore we request all countries including all powerful countries UK, USA, Australia, China, Russia, Germany, France and OIC to join with Bangladesh to improve the humanitarian crisis of helpless and victims of genocide, the Rohingya people from Arakan state, Myanmar.


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