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Corey Pattison

Corey Pattison

Corey Pattison is a graduate student at Yale University's Jackson Institute for Global Affairs.

Myanmar's broken promises

Despite reforms in Myanmar, the situation for many ethnic minorities has deteriorated in the past year.

Last Modified: 19 Jul 2012 12:21

"If Burma receives one kyat, you will also receive one kyat." (The kyat is the country's currency.)

During recent visits to some of Myanmar's many ethnic minority communities, I often encountered this historic assurance made by Bogyoke Aung San, hero of the anti-colonial independence movement and father of Aung San Suu Kyi, to representatives of these communities at the signing of the Panglong Agreement in 1947. Failure to fulfill its promise of equitable distribution of resources between Myanmar's Bamar core and ethnically diverse periphery lies at the heart of a violent cycle of conflict that has plagued Myanmar since Aung San's assassination, soon after Panglong was signed. The contours of this conflict continue to define Myanmar's politics, resulting in vast discrepancies in the impact of the current democratic transition. Read more


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